Illuminating business decisions through market research

This is where we excel. Understanding business needs. Listening to research objectives. Crafting creative, cost-effective, research designs. Delivering insights that drive business growth.

We like to create research designs that put us in the context of where the insights need to be found. We understand that the richest insights come from conversations and observations that occur in the environments where the people live, work and play.

Some of the more creative designs we are proud of include:

  • Store intercepts at a fresh produce market for a test market of a new product combining with a follow-up online survey of people purchasing the product
  • In-home / In-store interviews to help understand how green products are purchased
  • Providing feedback on 30 new product ideas via a bulletin board focus group using an online tool that captures their direct feedback on each concept
  • Recruiting people with toilets that clog every two months to participate in an online video-enabled panel to test new product ideas each time their toilet clogged
  • Combined in-person interviews with a video enabled panel to understand what devices gamers will choose to pursue their passions

So you see, regardless of your business question, we have the experience, expertise and desire to design, implement and deliver illuminating insights about your target audience.