Mobile Qualitative Research

Capturing insights when and where they happen

iPhones…Android Phones… Insight Portals! These texting, emailing, GPS-equipped, video capturing devices allow us to more easily capture insights in-the-moment when decisions about your product or service are being made. Obviously, insights captured in the moment are richer and truer than those based on one’s ability to recall details days or weeks after an event has occurred.

Technological Advantage

Nobles Research works with research partners who are on the cutting edge of mobile research in terms of app design, data collection and panel development.

Geo-validation via GPS and geo-fencing allow us to reach out to your target audience when they are in the locations where you want to conduct research. The beauty of mobile research is the respondent’s location can be confirmed via audio, photo and video capture and even pictures of a receipt.

Respondents access surveys via an app on their mobile phone. Surveys are cached on the mobile phone to enable a smooth survey taking experience and allow respondents to complete them without access to the internet.

All Mobile Respondent Panel

We also access the largest all-mobile panel in the United States to source your target audience. Due to the demographics of mobile phone usage, the all mobile panel makes it easier to find some target audiences that can be traditionally hard to reach:

  • Millenials
  • Minorities
  • Mobile-only users
  • On-the-go shoppers

Types of Research Studies

Some of the types of research studies we can conduct include:


We can design surveys that respondents can complete right from their mobile phone. Respondents using a mobile app that has the survey cached on their phone can complete the survey even without a connection to the internet. This approach also allows for a smooth flowing experience that keeps respondents engaged.

Surveys can be conducted in the moment when your target audience is shopping for a particular product or visiting a retail store of interest. For example, you may be interested in learning about a movie going experience, car shopping experience or grocery shopping experience. Potential respondents can be notified of a potential research opportunity while in those locations through the use of Geo-fencing and and Geo-validation.

Virtual Intercepts

With mobile research, we can even conduct “virtual intercepts” with respondents while in a retail outlet of interest. For example, maybe you are interested in a shopper’s opinion of the beer aisle in a particular store. Respondents can be notified of a potential research opportunity and then screened through their mobile phone when they enter pre-specified retailers. If they fit your specifications and are willing, they could participate in a phone call with a moderator while in the aisle of the store. It is theoretically possible to conduct intercepts with a person in Los Angeles and then Miami all within an hour.

Product Usage / IHUT

Product usage studies can also be designed to incorporate “natural” users of a given product. Respondents can be identified in the process of shopping or purchasing a product of interest. Once again, this can allow for in-the-moment insights of purchase decision drivers, packaging, product presentation on shelf and competitive offerings. The respondent can then provide information (e.g., audio, picture, video) while in the store and once the product is in home (e.g., how it is used, stored and discarded).

For studies where you may want to ship respondents a prototype or trial product, mobile studies can also make sense for quickly capturing data. For most people, their mobile phone is more easily accessible than their computer. Respondents can be notified via their phone to respond to survey questions.

Diary or Longitudinal Studies

Research studies can be designed to understand a user’s experience with a product from purchase to final use. For example, a gamer can be notified of a potential study while in GameStop. Their shopping experience can be explored while in store. Their experience with a particular game can be captured the day, a week and even a month after purchase.