Online Qualitative Research

Insights hurtling through cyberspace!

Online research methodologies can help you make connections with your target audience.

Some benefits of online research include:

  • Cost – online research can be cheaper than in-person research, especially when factoring in travel costs
  • Geographic Reach – online studies can allow us to increase the geographic diversity of our studies without having to get on a plane
  • Speed of recruitment – online recruitment can be faster than phone recruiting methods
  • Efficiency – online research tools can allow us to have multiple individual conversations with your target audience at one time
  • Video Deliverables – mobile devices can be easily incorporated to allow respondents to record video talking about themselves and our clients’ products and services
  • Hard to reach target audiences – B2B research and executives can be easier to reach via online focus groups or bulletin boards.

The most common methodologies we use for online research include:

  • Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups
  • iMarkit
  • Online Video Focus Groups / IDI’s