Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Bulletin Board Focus Groups are designed uniquely for market research on the Web. Here a focus group discussion occurs over an extended timeframe. This methodology allows for highly involved discussions, as participants are free to login at their own convenience and spend time providing thoughtful input.

When You Need Answers

Bulletin Boards offer a unique opportunity to engage people in in-depth discussions on your area of interest. Able to login when convenient, respondents engage in discussion, providing valuable insight into your questions.

  • Quality: Data quality is on par with traditional groups and twice as in-depth. Respondents have the time to compose thoughtful, detailed responses.
  • Connect with your customer: This is your chance to get answers and hear feedback, while watching the proceedings from the ‘backroom’ observatory.
  • Hard to reach demographics? No problem: People are busy. Bulletin Boards allow people to login at their convenience from around the world or around the corner.

How Do Bulletin Boards Work?

It’s simple and secure. Here is a brief overview of how a Bulletin Board works, but we recommend a personal demonstration. We’d be happy to book a demo; just call us at the number below.

  • Password protected: All participants, observers and the moderator login to the Bulletin Board using a username and password.
  • Threaded discussion: Once in the facility, you will see a list of postings by topic area called a threaded discussion. Just click on the topic and read the replies.
  • Display media: Use the whiteboard to display a website, advertising, video or just about any media on which you need feedback.
  • Read: Click on a topic to read the full text. You can read moderator questions and respondent replies.
  • Reply: Need to tell the moderator something? Then, hit reply and your message will appear only to the moderator and other observers, not to any of the respondents.
  • Instant results: Over the course of the research, you will notice lengthy, thoughtful replies. Transcripts are immediately available.
  • Reap the rewards: Over the course of the research, you will notice lengthy, thoughtful replies. We’ll ensure that this information is distilled into relevant answers to your pressing questions.

Online Bulletin Boards give us a variety of ways to engage with your target audience.

  • Mobile Devices: Mobile phones and tablets make it possible for your target audience to take you wherever they go and capture video of themselves. They also make it possible to gather in-the-moment feedback.
  • Polling Questions: Even in a qualitative discussion, it may be insightful to poll the group and then get feedback from the group on the findings.
  • Image / Video Markup Exercises: These exercises allow participants to provide feedback directly on your visual stimuli such as concepts, print advertisements and even commercials.
  • Profile Creation: Participants can be asked to create a profile, similar to social media sites.
  • Randomization of Topics: This feature allows us to randomize the order in which we present stimuli. For example, when testing concepts, we can make sure participants are viewing them in a randomized order to prevent order bias.