Quali / Quant Research

We cleverly and creatively blend qualitative and quantitative approaches to help you understand your customers.

We can design one-day sessions that allow you to capture both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (words) feedback from your target audience about stimuli.  These sessions work great for gathering feedback on concepts, ad testing and food taste tests.

How does it work?

We can recruit a total of 100 or more participants to provide feedback using hand-held keypads to provide their input to questions about your stimuli.  The keypads provide anonymity and give respondents a way to respond to the pre-programmed questionnaire.

Participants can be scheduled in groups of 25 or more to participate in a 60-minute quantitative session.  When invited, participants are also told they could be selected to stay for an additional hour to participate in a discussion group.

During the 60 minute session, you can see in real-time how they are responding to your stimuli through the feedback they provide through their keypad.  The results are instantly displayed and can be analyzed immediately in the client’s room.

When the session is completed, we can scan through the data to identify the right 6 – 8 participants that you would like to have a conversation with via focus group to understand the WHYs behind their ratings.  A professionally trained moderator will lead the conversation to help identify insights to help build your business.

In one-day you can quantitatively assess your stimuli and gain an in-depth understanding of the reasons that drove what appealed and did not appeal.