I have worked with Kevin for several years, and consider him to be a “go-to” qualitative researcher. I have worked with him across several categories, to meet both consumer and shopper insights needs. He has been a true business partner for me. His approaches are well designed (he looks for the best options to meet the objectives), and his reporting of insights is top quality. The insights we’ve uncovered have driven solid strategic recommendations…

…I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin on different qualitative consumer insights projects, in both food and personal care categories. Kevin is great to work with — he listens and fully grasps the objectives of the research, making his recommendations strong (and no, not all suppliers seem to be able to do this well!). In addition, he has provided great, innovative ways to get consumer learning to answer key questions and drive to strategic recommendations. In these research projects, the marketing managers were also very excited about the research learning, and have recommended the approach to others. I look forward to working with Kevin again in the very near future! I strongly recommend him.

Carissa Luch | Retail and Shopper Insights Manager, Nestle

We hired Kevin to work on a particularly thorny project with lots of ambiguity and a high level of leadership scrutiny. Despite the challenges, Kevin fit in seamlessly with our team, did quick, efficient, and excellent work for us, and was a great moderator, too. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Benhammou | Global Insights Manager, Clorox

We have hired Kevin to moderate 6-8 Focus Groups and IDIs for us over the last two years. He has been consistently able to provide an unbiased approach to interviewing and help us get the results we need. He has also given us creative approaches to better conduct our research.

Justin Bailey | Director at the NPD Group

Having known Kevin since the early 90s, I have had the pleasure of seeing him build one of the best qualitative research firms around. Kevin’s attention to detail, focus on the small things, and business acumen further helps his customers succeed. Kevin is an entrepreneur with a unique focus and desire to help other companies reach new heights. I highly recommend Kevin for any project.

Jeremy Reis | Digital Director, Food for the Hungry

Kevin’s product development experience and listening skills enable him to understand what the consumer is saying, and translate that into actionable insights.

Product Development Manager | Procter and Gamble

I worked with Kevin on a research project for PAR Inc., a leading publisher of psychological assessments. We hired Kevin to help us gain better customer insight into how they use our PAR product catalog, a 240 page piece that is repurposed and mailed out to customers and prospects 4 times per year. Kevin did not know our business, but he knows how to ask all the right questions. Being a quick study was critical to the success of our research project and we needed Kevin to learn enough about our business so that he could confidently moderate focus groups and then write a topline report that would provide a summary and recommendations based on the findings. Working with Kevin was an absolute pleasure as he hit all of the deadlines and he did a masterful job leading the focus groups. His summary of results was spot on. We have already implemented many of the key finding and recommendations from the research in our upcoming catalog. Some of the larger recommendations will happen with later issues. Kevin is exceptionally professional, very responsive and he delivers high quality work and analysis.

Paul E. Castner | Director of Marketing, Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.