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Video Diary™

Video Diary™ connects you with your target audience in a video dialogue via pre-recorded questions by a qualitative research consultant and video recorded answers by your consumer; giving you rich and candid thoughts regarding your research objectives.

  • Video Diary is implemented much like a message board, where both moderators and participants record video questions and answers resulting in a visual and emotive extended video dialogue. Participant videos are surprisingly rich and candid, and average about 3 minutes in length (as calculated over thousands of responses).
  • Participants log in to the portal with secure credentials, view the video and text, and record their response using fixed or wireless web cams that are shipped to them during the recruitment phase.
  • Any type of stimuli - text, picture or video - can be easily integrated into the Video Diary experience.
  • Participants submit their responses on a prescribed schedule over the course of 2-4 days; however, this is flexible depending on research needs.
  • In a multi-question format participants see and answer one question, and then are presented the second question, and so on. Homework assignments can be optionally given as a last question for follow-up on the next day.

Video Reels

  • Video highlight reels offer a powerful deliverable that adds true "voice of the customer" insights to findings.

  • Unlike text-only outputs (i.e. Powerpoint), video highlight reels result in high viewership, often to their highest levels of management.

Benefits of Video Diary

Cost effectiveness: Video Diary is a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Scalability: Questions and stimuli can be sent to all project participants instantly, and they respond when the time is right throughout the day.

Geographic accessibility: Video Diary helps to easily reach geographically dispersed people.

Easy access to tough recruits: Less burdensome way to gain participation from busy people who can't easily attend traditional offline groups or interviews.

Non-verbal and ethnographic richness: Video Diary participants respond with visual candor from familiar in-home or at-work settings.

Remote ethnographies: Using today's inexpensive handheld webcams, participants can easily answer questions and record vignettes of their lives.

Ways to Use Video Diary

Fundamental Consumer Understanding: Gain insights about your consumers' habits, practices, motivations and beliefs.

In-Combination with Quantitative Research: Add in a qualitative angle to add color to your quantitative findings.

Product Usage Diary: Gather real-time feedback from study participants as they use test products.

Establish a long-term panel: Be able to access your target consumer at any time to address key questions.

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