Exploring Ways to Boost Category Consumption

Key Business Question

The Juice Products Association desired to create a communications plan to increase consumption of juice among three target audiences: non-juice drinkers, 100% juice drinkers and juice beverage drinkers. In addition, they sought to:

Identify barriers and drivers to consuming juice among target audiences.

Explore the feelings, attitudes and behaviors of juice consumption among target audiences.

Identify messaging that could boost juice consumption among targeted consumer groups.

Our Approach

To accomplish the research objectives, we designed six focus groups, an online bulletin board and a quantitative research study to help them better understand their target audiences.

Focus groups were conducted to have in-person conversations with the target audiences to explore the key research objectives. Participants created storytelling collages to convey their thoughts and feelings about drinking juice.

A 3-day online bulletin board focus group was conducted with participants from the South, Midwest and West regions of the country. The online bulletin board focus group provided an efficient method for broadening the geographic diversity of the study. The qualitative findings from the focus groups and online bulletin board were used to guide the design of the quantitative study.

An online survey of 1000 nationally representative participants was conducted to quantitatively gauge attitudes and behaviors related to purchasing and consuming juice. In addition, the effectiveness of potential messages was quantified in the study.

Insights Uncovered

Our client was given a deeper understanding of the barriers and drivers to consuming juice.

Messaging was identified that could be used in communications to address the concerns among lapsed and non-juice drinkers to encourage trial of juice products.