Multicultural Insights

Nobles Research is highly experienced and skilled at uncovering multicultural insights to drive marketing strategies.  Many years of research has shown us the importance of communicating effectively with diverse audiences in order to craft messages and design products that resonate and do not offend.

Nobles Research sub-specializes in multicultural research among African Americans.  We can also conduct broader multi-cultural studies as we partner with moderators of Hispanic and Asian ethnicity.  Our research designs are developed by closely working with our clients to select the most appropriate research methodologies to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our Strengths

  • Our principal has more than 20 years of experience moderating with African-American consumers, and we partner with experienced Hispanic and female African American moderators
  • Skilled at achieving actionable recommendations on strategies, communications, product direction and marketing tactics
  • Strong cultural sensitivity and extensive knowledge of the African American target audience
  • Innovative approaches to challenging projects
  • Established, positive reputation for reliable, consistent service

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