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Designing a Sound Research Study During a Pandemic

Can I design a sound research study to address the current business objective? Many companies have suspended or paused research due to Covid-19. However, the purpose of research is to provide insights and answers to key business objectives in order to promote business growth.  If a company has business objectives that need to be addressed, [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Research

We have been providing insights to our clients through online qualitative research for over 15 years.  We primarily use online bulletin board focus groups (BBFGs).  However, we also use online focus groups and IDI’s to put our clients in touch with their target audiences.  Over the years, we have learned how to get deeper, richer […]

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Should you use a professional moderator for your online research project?

Reasons for Using a Professional Moderator for Your Online Research Project Using a professionally trained moderator increases your chances of uncovering business-building insights during your research project because the moderator will: Establish actionable objectives Create an effective research design Bring an unbiased perspective Probe and effectively guide the discussion Focus solely on the research Summarize […]

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Evaluating New Product Ideas

I am often asked to design qualitative research to provide my clients with insights about their customers’ reactions to their new prototypes or products. I enjoy designing and conducting this type of research because I am able to leverage my experience as a former product developer for a Fortune 100 company. I believe what sets […]

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3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Online Research

Is it possible to truly connect with my target audience through online research? When we say “connect,” we mean truly hear and understand the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes of your key customers. We believe the answer is yes! You can get in-touch with your customers and gather deep understanding by using creative assignments to […]

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Making In-Depth Connections with Online Research

We are experts at using online research methodologies to help our clients make connections with their target audiences in order to explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and practices. Sometimes clients unfamiliar with online qualitative research wonder if they can get an in-depth understanding of their target audience through an online bulletin board vs. in-person […]

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