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Gen Z: Who Are They?

  Over the last couple of years, I have conducted several research projects among the Gen Z cohort. With three daughters between the ages of 12 and 17, I also have been able to witness firsthand their interactions with their peers and one another.¬† The five key things about this generation that stand out to […]

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Common Emotional Motivators Behind Consumer Behavior

It is common knowledge that emotions are powerful drivers in the purchase decision process. ¬†Forging an emotional connection with customers can lead to big payoffs for companies. Consider this example: a major bank launched a credit card that emotionally connected well with Millennials, increasing use among this segment by 70% with 40% new accounts being […]

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Should you use a professional moderator for your online research project?

Reasons for Using a Professional Moderator for Your Online Research Project Using a professionally trained moderator increases your chances of uncovering business-building insights during your research project because the moderator will: Establish actionable objectives Create an effective research design Bring an unbiased perspective Probe and effectively guide the discussion Focus solely on the research Summarize […]

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