Evaluating Product Demonstrations

Key Business Question

Can we identify a product demo that will quickly and effectively communicate the advantages of our product vs. our key competitor?

Our Approach

A leading CPG company desired to test 15 side-by-side demonstrations that identify the best way to communicate the benefit of their toilet tissue product. We recommend using iMarkIt within an online bulletin board focus group in order to give the client some geographic diversity and to leverage a tool that would allow respondents a chance to provide feedback directly on the stimuli. Respondents participated in a 90 minute bulletin board focus group where they used iMarkIt to provide feedback on 3 different demonstrations. Each demonstration was viewed by 9 different respondents.

Insights Uncovered

This unique approach allowed us to recommend which demonstrations would best deliver their desired communications.

We also uncovered improvement opportunities within the design of their demonstrations that would enhance the effectiveness of their demonstrations.