Qualitative Research

Qualitative Graphic

Translating the richly textured world of consumer stories into insights that can drive business results!

At the heart of good qualitative research is good conversations.  We use a variety of methodologies (in-person, online, and mobile) to have good conversations with your target audience.

In-person Qualitative

Although we live in a digital age, a face-to-face conversation with an individual or group of individuals allows for a deeper connection, an easier exchange of ideas and emotions and a personal connection.

IDI's (1-on-1 interviews)

Focus Groups

In-context Interviews (In-home / In-store)

We have been conducting qualitative research for over 16 years, and we use multiple techniques and interventions to creatively gather insights from our clients' target audiences.  Some of our favorite techniques include:

Storytelling, Metaphor Elicitation, Projective Techniques, and Laddering.  Learn more.

Online Qualitative

We have been using online research methodologies to help our clients connect with their customers for over 10 years.  The most common online tools we use include:

Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups  


Online Video Focus Groups and IDI's 

Mobile Qualitative

Mobile devices allow us to capture insights when they happen.    These texting, emailing, GPS-equipped, video capturing devices allow us to more easily capture insights in-the-moment when decisions about your product or service are being made.  Learn more.