Understanding Healthcare Needs

Key Business Questions:

A leading healthcare insurer sought to gain a deeper understanding of personal, social, and cultural factors that influence health and illness in the African-American community. In addition, they desired to gain insight into patient interactions with physicians and health care professionals.

Our Approach:

To accomplish their research objectives, five focus groups were conducted among their members. Three groups were among males and females 40 – 64 years of age, and two groups among those 65+ years of age.

Business Building Outcomes:

We identified several opportunities for the healthcare insurer to positively affect the health care solutions they provided to their African-American members including:

  • Establish goals of reducing diabetes and hypertension among their African-American constituency
  • Providing education (community events, classes, texts, emails and social media) on the aspects of diabetes and hypertension, ways to prevent and treatments for these diseases
  • Cultural sensitivity training for health care professionals to help in building effective relationships with African-American patients.